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Aliona and her son Justice
About Aliona (Ah-lohn-nah):
For me, it’s very simple: Among the times I am happiest and most fulfilled are when I have a creative project to look forward to bringing to life.
Over the years it has been a “how to” book, a poster celebrating the Greatness of Black South Africans, a documentary short nominated for Best Short Doc in the SF Black Film Festival and now, my first children’s picture book, Justice pon di Road. The precursor to the book was a short article I wrote about travelling to Jamaica alone with my baby. I am thrilled beyond words to have actually written it. I figured after becoming a mom, I wouldn’t be able to write again until Justice left for college!
On a different note , I have been on a quest to finally finish learning to swim. I've been trying off and on since 1997.  In 2012 I was selected to serve as a GirlTrek Trailblazer. GirlTrek is an awesome nonprofit that aspires to mobilize one million black women and girls to lead a walking revolution across America. As a Trailblazer, I joined nine other women from across the country who serve as healthy role models. I believe that becoming a Trailblazer combined with motherhood, has propelled me toward becoming a swimmer. I have been documenting my journey on facebook. My year of service will be topped off with a health adventure: synchronized swimming. In October I participated in the Swim-A-Mile for women with cancer event but still need to sort out my deep water issues. My first kayaking experience reminded that I still have work to do. Wish me luck and stay tuned on our Facebook GirlTrek Trailblazer page.